Friday, January 11, 2013

almost whipped out a few purses

Having got this fabric remenet for super cheap(60% off .39$) I decided to use it right away,because I do have a rediculose amount of fabric.the fabric a polyester upholstery weight jacard5/8 by 60",so I thought a purse would be quick and easy,the jenny pattern(can't find link,sorry) was the first one I found.then I decided I have this cool embroidery machine lets use it.Ended up with three little purses with different designs,I afterward decided the gold was to bright,may have to tea dye if possible.when it came to the straps the gremlins struck poor stiching,user err,ect. So I didn't finish in one day,taking a break from seam ripping,and this is a kind of in progress post.Wish me luck.

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