Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY soda can flower

start with clean can cut open carefully(use gloves)trim off sharp pieces sand painted side lightly, wash and dry spray paint painted side (I like hammered rustoleum)now the alcohol inks come outand the dauber I made from a child block and velcroadd a felt pad and drops of inkuse more than this,turn over and daub away. I then cut into squares and then circles,Yoy may also use paper punches or die cut machines,but they cost alot more then the 2$ walmart shears I'm using herethe circles are then cut into flower shapethen layer and stick together with a bradand this one is hand cut and the black is spray painted.
run through  an embossing machine.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pocket with frame

A pocket I put on a denim skirt . I embroidered the frame, then cut out the pocket,linened pocket, then later ironed on a little scrap of novelty fabric(I couldn't   Find the fabric before,and it would not of been big enough to line pocket.

Friday, May 31, 2013

zombie skirt

zombie 1/2 circle skirt
 A little half circle skirt with zombies shuffling along the bottom.This little skirt is made some stash busting cotton twill ,and I found that the half circle doesn't flip up like a full circle.I found this zombie embroidered design on urbanthreads  and thought they'd be fun on a skirt,I'd like to make them closer together,and may someday.I also made a matching vest,but it's not finished yet.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Plaid skull pin for Easter

Made on my embroidery machine with variegated thread and a unfinished skull design from urban threads,then stitched on to some white cotton scraps and cut around,pin added to back.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintage underwear

Found at my local fabric shop that has old stock still on the shelves.the old ladies that were working gave me some strange looks for buying two pairs of these,they were marked at 1.99$,original price,just like their vintage zippers.

sew for victory,craptastic pics

SEW FOR VICTORY dress and jabot,and some crappy pics.Misplaced my extra batteries and charger,so have some crappy pic from my cell phone,self taken.Only the sleeve pic look good.the pattern is DuBarry 5558,and I combined them with the longer sleeves,rick rack,and the button on jabot (which I had some problems with) it need a good iron and the shoulder pads. It's supposed to have a side opening,but haven got that far and just slips over my head.I had to redo the neck as it was to tight,and the jabot I made a little smaller as it seemed huge the first try and still does ,need to make another a bit less wide and a little stiffer.Got a couple more days to get some better pics.All fabric,trim,buttons,and the pattern were from my stash.I do like the dress and will most likely make again,pehaps more fitted with the side opening and no or the shorter sleeves,as it nearly always on the warm side here,and perhaps a reversable jabot,cuz i am a bit messy.