Saturday, February 4, 2012

1912 dress diary shirtwaist and skirt

the fabric

in progress the pleats

pattern use for shirt

pattern used for skirt

the shirt with removeable collar
the waist tape on the  shirtwaist

buttons on the skirt
These dress diarys are really not in any order because I suck at them.The patterns are fromThe american garment cutting for women book.I'm not sure what the blue moire taffeta in made from but pretty sure it's a natural fiber over cotton,it was a lovely.99 cent a yard(I've had this in my stash for  7+ years),had about four yards.the print is cotton 2.99 a yard only had 1 1/3 yards(bought for this project) the elelet I think was ^.99 a yard (about a year old)Only had a yard and 1/3 of this but I streched it.The skirt is having pressing issues,the fabric does not want to stay pressed.the skirt is fastned with six 3/4" covered buttons(one's under the belt)The loops are made from a strio of fabric with a piece of elastic inside.

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